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Source:http://www.kedo.gov.cn/Release time:2018-07-01

Devoted to spread authoritative scientific knowledge through internet in a funny and down-to-ground way.

Part 1: About Tadpole Stave

Tadpole Stave (www.kedo.gov.cn) is a large-sized public popular science website invested by Beijing Municipal Government and built by Beijing Science and Technology Association, with a goal to provide high-quality scientific and cultural services to the public, particularly to teenagers. Using a variety of information and multimedia technologies, Tadpole Stave focuses on the internet platform to develop high-quality popular science resources, and to make public have better understanding of science and technology. The aims of Tadpole Stave are to improve the scientific literacy of the public, and to turn China into a leading scientific power in the world.  


1. The Derivation of the Name “Tadpole Stave”

The name of Tadpole Stave is inspired by a famous Chinese cartoon, in which a little tadpole tries to find his mom using biology knowledge. “Tadpole” sounds like popular science in Chinese; “Stave” represents the combination of science, art and humanities. Therefore, the large-eyed little tadpole turned to be the celebrity endorsement of Tadpole Stave. 


2. Development History 

◎2011: The website went online.

◎2012: Official Weibo account opened; Original Science Fiction Essay Competition & “The Night of Tadpole” Scientific Salon were successfully held the first time.

◎2013: Official WeChat account opened; “Popular Science with Academicians” Top 10 Popular Science Makers Competition was successfully held; Set up a special column named “Tadpole Finding Truths” to denounce  scientific rumors and joined the Union of Denouncing Rumors Platform.

◎2014: Entered Baidu Zhidao & Toutiao; Opened We Media account; Jointly released the first edition of the “Monthly Scientific Rumors List”.

◎2015: Total upgrade of the website; Entered media platforms such as Tencent, Sohu and Netease; Opened the “Tadpole Finding Truths” WeChat account .

◎2016: Website integration; Combination of “Popular Science with Academicians” Top 10 Popular Science Makers Competition and Popular Science Camp .

◎2017: Website background updated; Deep co-operation of “Tadpole Finding Truths” with Tencent “Take It Seriously” platform.

◎2018: A series of reforms and upgrades of the website contents, focusing on both the theory and practice of science popularization.

We have been making progress!