30 Problems Of A Sloth Hilariously Illustrated By Japanese Artist Keigo

Author:Jonas Grinevičius and Denis TymulisSource:BoredpandaRelease time:2019-09-11

Using the sloth as the main character, I am interested in how to visualize the concept of "time" in a single piece of art.

Sloths are fantastic animals, and we just can’t get enough. Some of us can definitely agree with this statement 100%. However, there’s hardly anyone who loves sloths more than Japanese artist Keigo.

Keigo draws funny and insightful illustrations that feature animals and other quirky characters. Plenty of his drawings feature sloths who like to take it slow and easy. Because we know how much you love good humor, here is a list of the best sloth illustrations by Keigo, featuring the funny struggles the animals encounter in their daily lives.


The Japanese artist, who thoroughly enjoys drawing animals, thinks of himself as “an ordinary office worker who lives an ordinary life with his wife and daughter.”

“I can't make friends at all, but through social media, I have gained the support of many fans and finally I have been able to publish my own books,” the artist stated. “What I fear most in this world is my wife. Unless my wife says "Stop" someday, I plan to keep going and keep drawing the funny pictures!”

Bored Panda reached out to the artist Keigo, as well as to his manager Miyu Teramoto. According to Keigo, he “used to draw animals which have the characteristic of "long," such as giraffes and crocodiles. But Sloths have the aspect of "time", and the characteristic of "not moving much."


“Using the sloth as the main character, I am interested in how to visualize the concept of "time" in a single piece of art. Sloths are very cute, but more than that, I am strongly attached to the fact how it gave me new ideas to express. In real life, I have a cat and that's my favorite animal,” the illustrator revealed to Bored Panda.

Keigo, who goes by the name k5fuwa on Instagram has more than 858,000 animal and comedy loving followers on Instagram. He has also made 3,388 posts (and counting) on the social media website.

“Speaking of drawing, I'm interested in animals that have extreme physical characteristics. It all started from the point where I tried to incorporate those characteristics like "too slow", "too long" into a drawing, and expressed what happens when those characteristics are incorporated into human society.”

“Animals are personified and therefore everything is expressed exaggeratedly, but more than trying to draw the animals to make them look cute, I am always thinking about how I can express everything in a single piece of drawing.”

Keigo said that he isn’t a talkative person, but has always “loved” drawings since he was a small child. He disclosed that he knew he could “express anything” through his drawings.


“I had dreamt of making it my job, but I experienced setbacks right after I entered art college. I feel very blessed to have the opportunity to transmit my work via SNS and receive comments from people all around the world.”

“I am not very much experienced myself, but I have previously taught drawing to students who aspire to enter art college. Personally, I believe that it is important for them to not only focus their interests in art, but to store knowledge and always have awareness of surrounding issues.”

Keigo stated that he doesn’t have exact plans for the future yet. However, the artist added: “as I previously published my book in three countries in Asia, my next goal is to publish in the US.”

We’re all used to sloths being slow and clumsy, but did you know that they are excellent swimmers and that they ‘only’ sleep 10 hours a day? Though they do in fact spend most of their time up in trees, so they rarely go swimming in their spare time. Global Animal states that sloths are unusual because they pee and poop only once a week, always in the same spot, always at the same time.


Here are some other fun facts about sloths: algae grows on their fur, which is why they look slightly green. This helps them hide from potential predators like jaguars, snakes, and eagles. Sloths are almost as awesome as owls in the head-turning department: three-toed sloths can turn their heads nearly 360 degrees. And what’s even more impressive is how long-lived these animals are. They can live up to 40 years old. It’s no wonder Keigo draws sloths — they are fascinating animals.