Municipal Science and Technology Association to adhere to plan the work of 2020 with its eyes downward to the grass-roots

Author:Beijing Association for science and technologySource:Beijing Association for science and technologyRelease time:2019-09-24

Work Planning and Dock Meeting of Beijing Municipal Association of Political Science and Technology in 2020.

On September 6, 2019, the Municipal Science and Technology Association held the 2020 work planning and docking meeting of the Municipal Science and Technology Association at the two levels. Sixteen leaders of the association reported the basic ideas and resource demand of the work in 2020, and the association comprehensively introduced the preliminary plan of the work in 2020 and the basic consideration of resource subsidence. The participants had in-depth discussions on issues such as work cohesion, brand building and resource sharing, which laid a solid foundation for the overall planning of the work. Chen weicheng, deputy inspector of municipal association for science and technology, presided over the meeting and delivered a speech. Major leaders of 16 district science and technology associations, Beijing science center, Beijing development center of popular science, Beijing science and technology consulting center, Beijing science and technology newspaper and other units attended the meeting.


This meeting is a concrete measure for Beijing association of science and technology to transform the educational achievements of "Never forget the original aspiration and keep the mission in mind" into the guidance and promotion of work, and it is also a practical action to stick to the principle of "keep eyes and hearts downward to the grass-roots". In the implementation of the theme education rectification measures, Beijing association for science and technology insists on strengthening up and down linkage as the key content, clearly put forward to enhance the annual work linkage effect of the associations at the two levels. Put the annual work of science and technology associations at the two levels in the annual work planning stage from the beginning of the year before the work deployment, to ensure the overall coordination, mutual linkage and synchronoff of annual work arrangement and budget.

In his summing-up speech, Chen Weicheng pointed out that the first is to put the resources of the Municipal Science and Technology Association in the overall layout of the District Science and Technology Cooperation. The second is to pay attention to the use of resources to create work brand, activity brand, and promote key work. The third is to strengthen the implementation of the municipal science and technology association resources sink guarantee strength construction. The fourth is to make use of the resources of the association in a balanced way and bring more benefits into play.