2019 Editorial Board Meeting of Cultures of Science journal held in Beijing

Author:China Association for science and technologySource:China Association for science and technologyRelease time:2019-11-22

We will resolutely safeguard the integrity of scientific research and the bottom line of scientific ethics.

The 2019 Editorial Board Meeting of the Cultures of Science journal was held in Beijing on November 3, 2019.

Han Qide, honorary director of the Editorial Board, honorary president of the China Association for Science and Technology (CAST) and member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), attended the meeting and delivered a speech.

Xu Yanhao, director of the Editorial Board and vice president of CAST, hosted the meeting.


Members of the Editorial Board of the Cultures of Science journal pose for a group photo at China Hall of Science and Technology in Beijing on November 3, 2019.

In his speech, Han recognized the contributions of the international Editorial Board and the performance of the editors in the first year of the journal.

Going forward, Han hoped, the Editorial Board will continue to work to improve the journal’s quality and expand its international influence and cooperation network.

He also called on the Editorial Board and editors to firmly uphold research integrity and defend the bottom line of scientific ethics.

Professor Ren Fujun, president of the National Academy of Innovation Strategy (CAST-NAIS), delivered a report on the work progress, team building, academic influence, marketing, international cooperation and publication ethics of the journal.

The meeting also determined, through recommendation and voting, to add John Durant, director of Massachusetts Institute of Technology Museum, Michel Claessens, ITER Policy Officer in the European Union, Tang Shukun, professor of University of Science and Technology of China,Wang Xiaoming, curator of Shanghai Science and Technology Museum, and Zhao Yandong, professor of Renmin University of China to the Editorial Board, bringing the number of Editorial Board members to 20, among whom 11 are from abroad. The Editorial Board members present at the meeting discussed the goals and orientations of the journal, and made suggestions on building up the journal’s distinctiveness, increasing the information it contains andimproving its readability.

Xu Yanhao applauded the 2019 Editorial Board meeting as a practical and productive meeting where Editorial Board members and experts contributed good ideas and reached consensus on steering the journal and working mechanism of the Editorial Board in the upcoming two years.

He hoped that the Editorial Board will take the meeting as an opportunity to create an efficient and stable working mechanism to promote the sustainable development of the journal.

Four noted international scholars, Public Understanding of Science editor Hans Peter Peters, Istanbul Bilgi University professor Ahmet Suerdem, University Institute of Lisbon researcher Dr. Marta Entradas, and University of Twente assistant professor Anne Dijkstra, also shared their views on how to develop the journal.

Cultures of Science, launched by NAIS under the auspices of CAST, is China’s first English-language publication dedicated to science culture.