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研究 Research


He Jiankui's paper manuscript was accidentally exposed


Some of He Jiankui's paper manuscripts, submitted to the top international journals Nature and JAMA, were exposed by the MIT MIT Technology Review, revealing details of the gene-editing research on babies that first shocked the world. It turns out that the so-called gene editing, instead of producing CCR5 mutations that make babies resistant to HIV, "misses the target" and causes other mutations whose effects on babies are unknown.(qubit)


时事 Current affairs


The number of brucellosis positive patients in Lanzhou Veterinary Research Institute reached 96


According to the Lanzhou Center for Disease Control and Prevention, 317 teachers and students of Lanzhou Veterinary Research Institute had been tested for brucellosis by noon on July 7, among whom 96 were serologically positive. Experts suggest that brucellosis is a zoonotic infectious disease, commonly known as "lazy man's disease", the risk of transmission from person to person is very low, no human infection cases by now. (CCTV news)


Chinese CDC reports reveal details of plague victims: suspected to have been infected while digging in soil on their farms


According to the report, the two primary pneumonic plague patients who came to Beijing for medical treatment were husband and wife. The husband was likely to have inhaled the aerosol infection with plague bacteria while digging in the soil of his farm, and the wife was likely to have contracted the infection from her husband. Another bubonic plague victim was infected after skinning dead rabbits. There was no epidemiological association between the first two and the third. (


The first train with full WiFi coverage will be put into operation


The first bullet train carrying WiFi was launched from Hangzhou East Railway Station on Monday. This marks the further expansion of the coverage of emu WiFi system, which will provide more passengers with high-quality travel services, such as high-speed Internet access, video-on-demand and mobile officing. (


Kuaizhou-1 carrier rocket launches six satellite at one time


China successfully launched the Hede-2 A/B, Tianyi 16/17 and Tianqi-4 A/B satellites from the Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center at 16:52 am Saturday using a Kuaizhou-1 carrier rocket, which carries six satellites at one time. The satellite entered the preset orbit smoothly and the mission was a complete success. (People's Daily)


商业 Business


At the "Old Man and the Sea" release conference, Luo Yonghao recommend imitated shark skin antibacterial material


On the 3rd, at the "Old Man and the Sea" black science and technology conference, Luo Yonghao, who no longer makes hammer phones, appeared as a new global partner of Sharklet technology and officially launched Sharklet technology for enterprises. The technique mimics shark skin confnguration by altering the surface texture of the material for antibacterial purposes. (tencent news)

国产特斯拉Model 3将可享受近2.5万元国家新能源补贴

Consumers who buy the domestic manufactured Tesla Model 3 will get a national new energy subsidy of nearly 25,000 yuan

6日,工信部发布的《新能源汽车推广应用推荐车型目录》(2019年第11批)显示,用户购买特斯拉中国制造的Model 3,将可享受国家新能源补贴政策。据现有政策,国产特斯拉Model 3可以获得的补贴数额为2.475万元。(澎湃新闻)

The list of Recommended Models for Promotion and Application of New Energy Vehicles (the 11th batch in 2019) released by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) on Thursday showed that customers who buy Tesla's chinese-made Model 3 will be eligible for the national new energy subsidy policy. Under the current policy, the subsidy for a domestic manufactured Tesla Model 3 is 24,750 yuan. (


Baidu's two core business units of driverless vehicles will be merged to produce 1,000 driverless vehicles next year


Baidu is pushing for the merger of its intelligent vehicle division and autonomous driving division, according to media sources including baidu insiders and industry insiders. Several baidu employees said the main goal of the merger was to achieve a core goal for next year: mass production of 1,000 self-driving cars in partnership with Hongqi. Baidu offcials declined to comment on the news. (36 Krypton)