CAST joins national efforts to fight novel coronavirus outbreak

Author:China Association for science and technologySource:China Association for science and technologyRelease time:2020-02-04

We will mobilize scientific and technological workers across the country to fight the epidemic and disseminate relevant scientific knowledge to the community. 

At present, China’s battle against the novel coronavirus epidemic has entered into a critical period. In accordance with President Xi Jinping’s instructions, China Association for Science and Technology (CAST), together with its affiliated national societies, published an initiative and a circular to call on science and technology workers to provide voluntary science services for the battle and communicate the public about the new virus immediately. CAST, together with its affiliated national societies and local branches, altogether several hundred units, have actively mobilized science and technology workers across China to join the efforts in fighting the epidemic and spreading relevant scientific knowledge among the public. So far, work has been done in the following respects.

First, uniting science and technology workers together for a common purpose and fighting the epidemic in the front line. CAST has organized its affiliates at all levels to care for and provide effective assistance to the science and technology workers who are working in the front line of fighting the epidemic at the risk of being infected. For example, with new technologies like 5G and AI, the affiliates have enabled front line workers to carry out big data analysis, provide remote medical consultations and handle online medical inquiries.

Second, encouraging collaborative research and providing consultations for sound government decisions. Affiliates of CAST at all levels have encouraged science and technology workers to strengthen research into the novel coronavirus, waste no time to apply their findings in the ongoing fight against the virus, and give technological support to enterprises in their effort to resume production and fight the epidemic. They have coordinated science and technology workers from both home and abroad to carry out multi-disciplinary studies on the epidemic so as to provide consultations as well as academic backing for government decision makers.

Third, addressing public concerns through science communication on various CAST-affiliated media platforms. By providing multimedia content and various communication channels, the platforms have successfully dismissed rumors about the epidemic, thereby helping alleviate public anxiety and maintain social order. By 11:00 a.m. January 31, the platforms, including the official website of CAST, China Science Communication, Science Facts, SciMall, Fanpu WeChat subscription, China Digital Science and Technology Museum and CAST Today WeChat subscription, had published 2,999 articles (photos, texts, audios, videos, and cartoons) in their special reports on the epidemic, and moderated 19 Weibo topics, attracting 1.96 billion views in total.

Fourth, providing services at the grassroots level. National societies, followed by their local branches, have organized science and technology workers to provide free medical services and psychological counseling. They have also launched online science communication courses. In addition, CAST has mobilized societies, research institutes and universities to develop an online educational program "Classroom in the Air", to provide rich learning resources to primary and secondary school students whose new semester has been postponed due to the epidemic.

Taking “Study to serve the country as our duty, learning to serve the people for glory” as a motto, Chinese science and technology workers shoulder their responsibilities and perform their duties in the anti-epidemic battle.

Under the strong leadership of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC), CAST will continue to fulfill its mission of uniting science and technology workers to go all out and make concerted efforts to curb the epidemic from spreading further and secure a final victory, together with all the Chinese people.

Medical team members from Chongqing City cheer each other up in the Central Hospital of Xiaogan.


Central China’s Hubei Province on Feb. 2, 2020. (