15th technology roadshow under 'Technological Innovation China' brand focuses on intelligent manufacturing

Author:China Association for science and technologySource:China Association for science and technologyRelease time:2020-05-13

The purpose of technology roadshow is to gather talents and technologies to help science and technology enterprises grow. 

The 15th edition of a series of technology roadshows under the "Technological Innovation China" programme brand was held on April 30, 2020.

"Technological Innovation China" is a new service brand of the China Association for Science and Technology (CAST) to drive high-quality socioeconomic development with science and technology. Relying on the organizational and talent advantages of CAST, the brand will tap the potential of science and technology in turning crises into opportunities, leverage the strength of science and technology workers in innovation and entrepreneurship, and expand the room and channels for international cooperation.


The technology roadshows under the brand aim to bring together talents and technologies to help tech businesses grow. Amid the epidemic, the roadshows are mainly virtual through the use of digital technologies and the internet.

The fifteenth edition focused on intelligent manufacturing.

Four small- and medium- sized intelligent manufacturing enterprises, SUNP Biotech (Beijing), Robustel (Guangzhou), ROKAE (Beijing) and HOOSUN (Shanghai), took part in the edition.

During the roadshow, representatives of institutional investors and enterprises, including Chen Weimin, partner of Zheshang Venture Capital, Jiang Chengyu, partner of Ying Capital, and Tian Haifeng, deputy general manager of CASIC Robot, shared their views on the trends of intelligent manufacturing as well as on the core technologies and R&D strengths of the four tech businesses taking part in the roadshow.

In addition, investors and industry experts from over 60 famous Chinese agencies took part to view the technologies on show and exchange ideas.

To build China, a country with a large and complete manufacturing industry, into a high-level, intelligent and automatic manufacturing giant, there needs to be a large number of advanced manufacturing enterprises and innovation programs, said Shen Zhiqun, vice president of the Investment Association of China and head of the association’s equity and venture capital (VC) investment committee, during the event.

He hoped that through the roadshow, VCs can strengthen ties and exchanges with enterprises and find and increase investment in worthy projects as a way to support the country’s intelligent manufacturing industry and promote the take-off of Made-in-China.

Chen Rui, deputy head of the CAST Scientific and Technological Communication Center, said that the roadshows, now a part of the "Technological Innovation China" brand programme from the 15th edition on, will play a bigger role in communicating science and technology, facilitating collaborative innovation between enterprises and universities, and building brands, under the top-level design and strategic deployment of CAST.

Chen hoped that the roadshows will bring the science, VC and business communities more closely together and better match supply and demand in intelligent manufacturing, an approach that promises great applications in the future.

He also hoped that the roadshows will address both common regional problems and the problems of individual enterprises and lead to good examples for regional development.

In addition, the roadshows are expected to drive the digitalization and transformation of traditional industries and bring about more intelligent application scenarios, Chen said.

The roadshow was sponsored by CAST and jointly organized by the CAST Scientific and Technological Communication Center, the equity and venture capital (VC) investment committee of the Investment Association of China and Creativity, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Contest of the Alumni Association of Tsinghua University.