This Minimalistic Staircase Resembles A Strand Of DNA Inside Of A Two-Story Home

Author:Judita KusaitytėSource:BoredpandaRelease time:2020-06-09

Design means creation and construction.

When people think about creating their home, the staircase is probably one of the last things that pops into their heads. After all, it’s probably much more fun to play around with the idea of how your new living room or bedroom will look, especially with all the Pinterest-worthy design ideas you can find online. But Iranian architect Eisa Ghasemian has recently proved that a staircase can be one of the core design pieces in a home that is functional, insanely aesthetically pleasing, and eye-catching at the same time.

You most likely don’t think about elaborate designs when it comes to stairs.


While staircases may not sound like the most exciting thing to design, Iran-based architect Eisa Ghasemian proves that anything can be exciting if you are creative enough. She‘s been working as an architect for approximately seven years now but her work experience traces back to when she was only a student, trying to make a career while working in various architectural offices.

However, Iranian architect Eisa Ghasemian certainly managed to take an ordinary staircase to the next level.

She came up with a staircase design that’s both functional and insanely aesthetically pleasing

In an interview with Bored Panda, Ghasemian revealed that she‘s always looking for specific ideas to turn into reality and is fascinated by both the creative aspect of her job and the opportunity to build things. „Design means creating and building, and I really like that,“ she said.

The minimal design is reminiscent of a DNA strand.


Despite how challenging the project was, the architect talks about it very fondly.

She revealed that she was inspired by an idea of fluidity and motion when creating this mesmerizing staircase. „Arches are a symbol of movement and the staircase is the main element in the house that connects the interior spaces of the house. In addition, attempts were made to design a staircase that had both good [technical] performance and beauty,“ Ghasemian said.

“One of my best experiences was the design of this staircase,” she writes in an Instagram post.

The staircase has a metal inner structure that holds it together.

Following her idea of building a staircase that was a representation of fluidity and movement, this beautiful design was born. „One of my best experiences was the design of this staircase,” she wrote in an Instagram post. The elaborate staircase has a metal inner structure that holds together which is fully concealed by a wood covering. The architect said that the construction of such staircase can be built and installed within a month, given you have skilled workers and technicians.

The structure is fused together and then covered with wood in order to maintain the minimal aesthetic.


Ghasemian says the design can be assembled at the site without any factory parts.

The Iran-based architect has worked on projects in Australia, Brazil and Turkey but revealed she’d like to design and build her own house someday too. Ghasemian likes the idea that she can design the things she likes in full detail on her own and have them for herself in her own home.

Brazilian digital artist Ander Alencar took Ghasemian’s design and reimagined it in a darker wood.