These Artists Put Micro, Self-Sustainable Ecosystems In Glass Containers

Author:Hidrėlėy Source:BoredpandaRelease time:2020-07-08

These green dreams, in our hands, become personalized stories.

These two ladies, Lina Cirilo and Laura Gonçales, created their own company in 2013. They create and sell tiny, self-sustaining ecosystems in glass jars, bottles, and other containers. The tiny worlds have all kinds of scenery in them, from simple camping trips to cars, to characters from Harry Potter and other popular movies. Every single one is handmade, so every one of them is different and unique. It would probably make a great gift for a plant lover!

These little ecosystems survive almost entirely on their own, so you don't have to worry about maintenance. On their website, it says that they need watering every 10-15 days, depending on how hot it is. So you can enjoy the beauty of nature and plants, without worrying about killing them. So it's perfect for people who don't have a green thumb.


On their website, Lina Cirilo and Laura Gonçales explain how they got started: "We started with the proposal that each person was entitled to a small piece of green. After all, we live in micro-apartments, work, walk the dogs, go to the supermarket, and suffer in traffic just to find friends. A mini ecosystem that practically lives alone was more than necessary."


"These green dreams, in our hands, became personalized stories. Your garden, you, and all the stories you would like to tell in a pot. Isn't it wonderful? We started giving gifts to family and friends. Suddenly, orders started to be part of our routine. In search of a lighter life, we decided to leave our jobs as architects and jump into that dream."


In 2014, they opened their first store at Galeria ComoAssim in Pinheiros and it was received very well! Soon, they started to give courses to other people and expanded their team.


"In each piece we create, we deposit a lot of affection and attention to the smallest of details, making each piece unique and full of stories." Their work is 100% handmade—they use raw materials, personalizing every single pot they make.


"We are a pair of architects, passionate about the green of nature, the lightness of life and art. Come and see our work!"