Guide to Important Academic Conferences (2020) is published online

Author:China Association for science and technologySource:China Association for science and technologyRelease time:2020-07-14

It aims to build an authoritative platform, select important academic conferences and better serve the cultivation of scientific and technological talents.

The Guide to Important Academic Conferences (2020) (hereinafter referred to as "Guide 2020") has completed several rounds of validation and revision and been published online by the Guide 2020 Steering Committee after the final review process.

In order to meet the sci-tech workers’ need of getting informed of the high-quality academic conferences and grasp the new trends of the latter, Guide 2020 focused on the impact of the academic conferences and took the sci-tech community’s recognition for the conferences as the main criterion.


Taking factors as sponsoring institutions, number of the held sessions, chairman of the organizing committee into consideration, major academic conferences in various fields were recommended by experts with real names.

A short list came out after the academic societies’ assessment and the Steering Committee's determination.

Guide 2020 mobilized 619 experts specialized in various sci-tech fields, together with 119 national academic societies and national society alliances to participate in this year’s assessment work.

538 important academic conferences, including 480 periodic conferences and 58 independent conferences sponsored by 282 units covering 8 major disciplines were finally selected.

Guide 2020 would continue its work around conference management, data analysis, results tracking and conference evaluation afterward.

Since 2018, the Guide to Important Academic Conferences serials have been regularly published by the Service Center for Societies of CAST, aiming to build an authoritative platform to select important academic conferences, publish relevant information and recommend them to the targeted potential participants to promote the brand effect of high-profiled conferences and better serve sci-tech talents cultivation.